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Morning Walk through Boston

Here are some of the sights that I take in as I make the 25-minute trek to work in the mornings. I usually go up Surface Road, along the wharf.

First, we have a group of buildings just past Fanueil Hall. I took this photo as I emerged from the narrow streets of the North End. The clock tower on the left was the Custom House Tower. Now it's Marriott's Custom House Hotel. Fun fact: it's cheaper than the Marriott!

Here is Tetanus Bridge, which I cross to avoid waiting for the traffic light on a major intersection just up the street. It adds a dash of danger at each crossing: will I snag my hand on a rusty nail and die? Will a flake of oxidized metal gently detach from the bridge and find its way into my open mouth? Will it rot away from its piers and plummet into the icy waters below? So thrilling!

Here is the Barking Crab, which serves its own beer, and also probably seafood, very likely crabs. I don't like having to defeat shelled creatures for my meals, so I usually j…


Exhibit A: SHEBA

Exhibit B: OSCAR

Movie Review: Contagion (2011)

Contagion is a good movie because it's honest. The unknown supervirus that stars in the film mercilessly kills off children, Academy Award winners, and anyone foolish enough to touch their faces thousands of times each day. Oh, wait, that's everyone. The acting is superb -- Jude Law gets thumbs up for portraying a smug, crazy character; Laurence Fishburne is great as the driven Center for Disease Control boss; Kate Winslet is excellent as the competent doctor sent to investigate the supervirus; and Jennifer Ehle steals the show with her noble nobleness. Er, yes. I still don't know the point of Marion Cotillard's character, unless it was to suggest that international health professionals need bodyguards when an epidemic hits. Because, spoiler alert: people will do bad things to get their grubby paws on a vaccine.

I highly recommend Contagion, even though now I flinch whenever someone coughs in my vicinity.

But what makes this movie truly spectacular is the description o…

Cat Uses for the Human Face (Oscar Version)

#1: If human dad -- target for affection
#2: If anyone else -- target for Death Stare

Anticuchos, etcétera

Last night, Little Brother and I went to a Peruvian restaurant -- Machu Picchu -- in Somerville's Union Square, home of Korean mom grocery stores. What fun!

Never have I ever encountered such a baffling menu, such a lack of reverence towards pork, which until now I thought was a staple of all Spanish and Spanish-colonized diets. (And let's not forget the Chinese and their pork buns!) For example, a typical Pinoy dish is lechon kawali, aka pan-roasted pork:

By contrast, Machu Picchu offered beef, chicken, fish, and all the corn and rice you can stuff in your face.

We started off with a little bowl of round crunchy things that reminded me of giant mutant raw popcorn kernels. Don't let that description discourage you from this pre-appetizer! It was yummy. It came with two sauces: one super spicy, and the other creamy and green, color origin unknown. Little Brother, being the type who polishes off everything placed in front of him, slurped up all the sauce, which turned out t…

Cat Uses for the Human Face (Sheba Version)

#1: Crosswalk #2: Lollipop #3: Bed

I Love It Like Cake

You know that voyeuristic thrill of hearing about other people's outrageous/hilarious/horrifying stories? I have discovered the mother lode: Dear Prudence on "Prudie" (real name Emily Yoffe) lends a sympathetic hand to genuinely distressing situations, like when someone asks for advice about difficult friends or relatives, and lambasts morons, like a man who complained that he married a hot but dumb woman, or the girl who wrote that she was mortified because her boyfriend heard her fart. Like, omg, I would totes skip town if that happened to me, omg.

Speaking of skipping town, here is The Real Story of Asian University for Women, Kamal Ahmad and Ashok Keshari, written by a former faculty member for the university in Bangladesh. I worked for the Support Foundation that she mentions in the post. I know I promised to write my side of the story, but kept getting sidetracked by pubescent humor and comics.

Happy Friday!


"Let's have more calories, sweetheart"

Hamersley's Bistro presents Foods of Luuurve
================== First Course ==================

Avocado, grapefruit, and crab parfait 

================== Second Course ==================
Roasted Jerusalem artichoke veloute with watercress coulis and black truffle cream

Endive, fennel, and mushroom salad with creamy gorgonzola dressing
================== Third Course ==================

Pan-roasted lobster "thermidor" with mussels, clams, and scallops ... sherry cream

Roasted quail stuffed with wild rice and parsnips, caramelized apples, thyme, and sherry aigre-doux
==================== Dessert ====================

Cupid's Sweet Inspirations

In case it wasn't blindingly obvious: the way to my heart is through my stomach.




OMG: oh my god
WTF: what the f***
ROFLMAO: rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
...: (silence)
IDK: i don't know
i can has cheezburger: click here!
stfu: shut the f*** up

btw this totes happened.

Somehow Made It Worse

True story. I got a litter mat to keep the bits of litter off the floor, and Sheba tracked litter all over the mat and the floor. It's her special talent.


Game Review: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)

Falling Skyward: Link's Diary

Background: Now 10+ glorious hours into Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Wii. Did I mention it is glorious? Zelda games have always been the perfect blend of puzzle-solving, action, and random characters.

Inspired by The Very Secret Diaries.

Day One – Surface / Sealed Temple
Zelda's sailcloth allowed me to land safely after plummeting several thousand feet from the sky. Her love is magical.

This place is weird. What’s with these holes in the ground gushing out hot air?

Day Two – Faron Woods
Figured out that those were air vents that shoot me up to higher ground via sailcloth.

Old lady with extremely pointy hat told me to go into Faron Woods. Robot fairy from the future keeps popping out of sword to talk to me like I’m retarded. Miss Midna.

Day Three – Skyloft
Have rescued all the kiwis or whatever they are in forest. Got a slingshot from dungeon! Now can ring bell on flying novelty shop back here in Skyloft.

Perhaps can squeeze in some time with th…

Superbowl Sadface

Today I didn't tune in to the Today Show, because I know those smug bastards would be happily recounting the Giants' ignominious defeat of the Patriots. Boo hoo hoo. Boyfriend and I hosted last night's Superbowl watching event (on the menu: chicken wings and drumsticks, mini-tacos, chips, veggie platter, and alcohol). We were sadfaced after everyone left. Well, I was sadfaced; he was wearing the face of a serial killer. It was really surprising, though, that the Pats missed three bloody perfect throws from Tom Brady, who by the way suddenly became handsome in my eyes after last night. I used to not think of him as particularly good-looking, despite everyone else around me drooling over him. But there's something about the dark shadow of defeat that made him extra attractive...

Speaking of attractive, I have a Lasik consultation this afternoon! We shall see if I am a candidate for the treatment. Wikipedia has a complete video of the surgery halfway down this page. Oooh…

The Lie Monster

The Oatmeal challenged his readers to illustrate their lies using a free template. Click here to view his post, My Daily Lie. Basically, you draw a square that presents your lie, and below that is another square with The Lie Monster (I made that name up), which you then caption with the truth. Eager beaver that I am, I created six entries and submitted three. Let's start with the ones that didn't make it:

Skiing I went to school in Canada, Vermont, and Massachusetts -- places known for being  damn cold and having damn mountains. I only ever went skiing once. I didn't like it.
Cat Lady I've been picking up stray cats since I was a kid. My mom kept chucking them out.  But now I am a Big Girl and I can keep my kitty!
Addicted I wake up in the morning and think about Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii!). I have it on the back of my mind at work. I play it for hours at a time on the weekends. I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH ZOMG 
And now for the submissions! The Oatmeal told us to …

Movie Review: Underworld: Awakening (2012)

Break out the 3D glasses -- Selene is back in all her latex glory! In this latest installment of Romeo and Juliet Are Undead, everyone's favorite frowny-faced, eye color-changing, double gun-toting vampire is captured omg!! And guess who frees her? And guess who helps her? And guess who wins in the end? Spoiler: she does omg!!

Pubescent squealing aside, Underworld: Awakening is a solid action movie. Kate Beckinsale's Selene now comes with Extra Emotions to round out her usual repertoire of homicidal, angrily confused, vengeful, and hot for the hybrid. Outfitted in her all-black Death Dealer costume that "smells like a flower," as she coyly reveals to comedian Chelsea Handler, Selene is a vamp on a three-track mission: one, escape! two, discover the truth!, and three, fight! for the right! to PAAAAAAAARTYYYYY!!! And by "party" I mean "have epic showdowns with huge scary monster after dispatching minor baddies." You know, the type of party that inv…