Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Morning Walk through Boston

Here are some of the sights that I take in as I make the 25-minute trek to work in the mornings. I usually go up Surface Road, along the wharf.

First, we have a group of buildings just past Fanueil Hall. I took this photo as I emerged from the narrow streets of the North End. The clock tower on the left was the Custom House Tower. Now it's Marriott's Custom House Hotel. Fun fact: it's cheaper than the Marriott!

Here is Tetanus Bridge, which I cross to avoid waiting for the traffic light on a major intersection just up the street. It adds a dash of danger at each crossing: will I snag my hand on a rusty nail and die? Will a flake of oxidized metal gently detach from the bridge and find its way into my open mouth? Will it rot away from its piers and plummet into the icy waters below? So thrilling!

Here is the Barking Crab, which serves its own beer, and also probably seafood, very likely crabs. I don't like having to defeat shelled creatures for my meals, so I usually just get a fish sandwich. This is the place to go for your french fries fix. Sadly, they are not open at 8:50 am when I walk by. I would totes have fries in the office at 9 am.

The final leg of my daily pilgrimage to the paycheck is the Four Point Harborwalk. To the left is the Children's Museum, so there are plenty of snacks children around come opening time.

Here is the Intercontinental Hotel--the glass-faced concave buildings right beside the red-and-glass building that's beside the building that looks like a giant skinny hair roller. Only $300 a night!

And finally, here is the delicious lobster and crab ravioli with shrimp that I had for dinner last night. I believe that shelled creatures are best eaten while stuffed in pasta and swimming in tomato sauce. It was part of my walk home last night so I thought I'd throw it in.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So this post has 6,000 words! You're welcome.