Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Movie Review: Looper (2012)

Looper blew my mind. It alternated between fascinating, funny, and alarming. Everything works in this film, but the writing is the strongest feature. It has twists that make sense, and it pulls everything together into an elegant, perfect ending. Wow.

The story begins in our not-so-distant future. In the future of that future, time travel was/will be invented and immediately outlawed. Criminal organizations use it to send targets back into the past to be killed by "Loopers." I'm going to stop there, so that I can enthusiastically recommend that you get your butt in a seat to find out what happens. Speaking of seats, our theater was completely full. The buzz on this movie is good, dear readers. Because the movie is good.

All the actors give terrific performances in Looper, like how Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a lot of Bruce Willis' mannerisms. Maybe it's his prosthetic face. It's also great that Emily Blunt plays a damsel who ends up in distress but reacts to everything believably and, in one memorable instance, unexpectedly. Let's just say she slow-mo hurls herself in a surprising direction. Bruce Willis plays the tough, likable villain-protagonist, and Jeff Daniels and Noah Segan do their evil best as antagonists bent on closing the loop.

I hope we see lots more from writer-director Rian Johnson, who also gave us the amazing indie Brick, which also features Gordon-Levitt and Segan. Reu~nion!

In closing, I recommend a back-to-back viewing of Brick and Looper to appreciate the awesome.