Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Train station + dinner

Yesterday I served as one-woman welcoming committee for a faculty family coming in. I happened to be in my bright red and yellow outfit, so EVERYONE stared at me at the train station. (Must work on Unobtrusive Blending In Ninja Skill, perhaps by not wearing loud clothing?) The train, naturally, was late, but fortunately the family was extremely easy to spot once they arrived -- I just had to push through to the center of the enormous crowd that gathered as soon as they got into the terminal.

My reward was food! I got a lovely dinner cooked by one of our dear helpers, Rokeya, and she made a feast for 9 people: okra, shrimp curry, spicy chicken in clear broth (paksiw?), rice of course, some chapati, a little green salad, and later on there was some more chicken curry, and my favorite: DAHL!!! Yum yum. We even got some lukewarm white wine. The power went out for a bit after dinner, and apparently the "automatic" generator consisted of the guards downstairs flipping the switch... if and when they notice that the power's out. But the cool thing is I used my cell phone flash light!!! Here's what the little darling looks like:

It's not a very strong flashlight, but isn't it cool? Nokia is so clever to have a mobile with a built-in flashlight to sell to countries with insufficient power supplies!