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Baby's First PAX East

The Fragrant Family's first foray into the fantastic PAX East was fraught with fun. The day began with us stuffing our faces at the South Street Diner, a 24/7 spot near South Station that has the best staff. We both had the Diner Special, which consisted of three eggs, home fries, toast, corned beef hash (he had sausage), and french toast (he had pancakes). Knowing that our bellies would be safely occupied for the next six hours, we tramped through the ice to the BCEC. There was a line to get in that stretched about four blocks, so Fragrant Husband had us use the super sikrot entrance through the Westin lobby. FTW!

We met up with Hubby's nerd crew and played a board game called Betrayal at the House on the Hill, a collaborative affair--until one is revealed to be the traitor! I was all, "I hope it's me!"--and IT WAS! Yipeee!...And then I lost. Alas, I moved my cannibals too quickly, not knowing that one of the other players (Hubby, no less!) had dynamite. Grrr.

Afterwards the men played A Game of Thrones. I begged off because I wanted to buy some sweet, sweet imports for my PS Vita. So Junior and I ambled over to the video game half of the convention center, only to be stopped by an enforcer. "Sorry, no strollers past this point," he said apologetically. He explained that it was too tight, and offered to escort me to the coat check where I could presumably leave my baby in the stroller to be free to fulfill my consumerist nerd mission. Just kidding. But he did offer to take me to there. I demurred and just wandered around to a place selling STEAMPUNK HATS HELL YEAH. I did not buy one because I am more into high fantasy, but perhaps one day soon Junior shall own one. But not before he dresses up as Link, of course.

For dinner we stepped out for some food truck goodness. Also they are cheaper than the food inside the convention center. I had a Grilled Chocobo (chicken with sweet potatoes and slaw). It was amazeballs.

Soon Junior and I had to leave because it was close to his bedtime. We boarded a shuttle bus to a nearby hotel, and my precious promptly fell asleep as soon as the wheels started moving.

The best part of the experience was how easy it was to have Junior around. Hubby had cased the joint on Friday, and told me, "There are some quiet spots on the third floor." But all the action is at the Exhibit Hall spaces at the lowest level! So when teh behbeh indicated hunger, I laid him on the table, rolled up a burp cloth under his head, used a nursing cover, and he nursed away. The dudes at the table did not bat an eyelash, and they even offered to hold baby afterwards while I, er, adjusted! I tell you, these are the sweetest gentlemen. Junior's Buddha belly thanks them.

The next day, Hubby went without us (I only had a Saturday pass). He came home and proudly showed me what he bought for me: a copy of Tales of Innocence R, a darn good game--and an import I already own (my review here!). Whoops! Well, it's the thought that counts. 

Can't wait for the next PAX East! Stay tuned for Junior's costume!


This post brought to you by mochi that contains stuff my coworker is allergic to so she gave them to me! Thank you, other people's allergies! om nom nom

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