Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Babywearing: Boba Wrap vs. Ergobaby

Back when Junior weighed around the same as a bowling ball, I carried him around--excuse me, I wore my baby, because sunshine unicorns flowers motherhood.

Babywearing is a tool in the attachment parents', er, toolbox, a means of raising the best baby possible. Having your little squirmer practically stapled to your body calms him/her, especially in the early weeks out of the womb. Calm baby = happy family, so much like "Breast is best," "Babywearing is caring!" or something like that, I'm sure.

Since capitalism is the font of all things, an array of babywearing products is available to parents: slings, ring slings, soft carriers, wraps, and staplers. Just kidding on that last one.

I own two bits of such gear: one I bought (Boba Wrap), and one a gift (original Ergobaby). Below are the pros and cons of each one:

Gear Pros Cons
Boba Wrap
  • No straps, just one long piece of fabric
  • Packs up into a small bag

  • Useless unless cinched really tight
  • Can't see my baby past the shoulder sections--is he breathing??? 
  • All attempts at ninja nursing failed
  • Sturdy
  • I can see baby!
  • Pockets!
  • Can also be used for hip carry and back carry
  • Ninja nursing is possible

  • #$%^&* straps and buckles!!!! 
  • Rides up at the waist so I can't put stuff in my jacket pockets

Neither of them are ideal for taking baby in and out. For Ergobaby, you have to release 4,000 buckles, and if you do it out of order, baby plummets to the floor. For the Boba, the fabric loosens too much once you extract your baby, and you have to rewrap it. Blergh.

Also a con for both: if you're clumsy and sleep-deprived, you run the risk of tripping while carrying your offspring. Nobody wants that.

Finally, if you live in the freezing north, baby needs to be bundled up before you step out, and while I enjoy wrestling with a spirited infant (because I always win, you see), both of you will be roasting indoors before that happens.

TL; DR: The Ergobaby is easier to use. Know what else is easy to use? A stroller.

This post brought to you by Fisher Price! Fisher Price--a brand I forgot existed until I desperately needed its products.