Monday, October 13, 2014

iPhone 6 Review

iPhone 6 (left) versus iPhone 5 (right)

I love the iPhone 6. I have named mine shinyface. It replaces the noble DroppedALot.

Details below:

Battery: Lasts twice as long as the iPhone 5 with my heavy use of a nursing app, Jawbone UP, Safari, WhatsApp, calendar, and text messaging.

Cost: $199 if you renew or sign up for a two-year wireless contract, or $600 if you just want the device. If you go with the contract, you can get it for free if you trade in your iPhone 5 (mine will go to family).

Camera: A vast improvement. Low light conditions will no longer stop you from snapping candid photos!

The late afternoon sunlight is good enough for the iPhone 6 camera!

Grip: I'd been advised to get a case for this phone, but so far I haven't dropped it yet, despite being chronically sleep-deprived and naturally clumsy. So a case would be for those who refuse to live on the edge. 

Keyboard: The new iOS has QuickText, an autofill feature that's actually pretty good. I use it regularly.

Native Apps: Reminders now has a spiffy notification system that lets you mark an item as completed or snooze it without interrupting your current activity; Compass works!; I don't know what Health does; no significant changes in other default apps. 

Screen: Gorgeous resolution, and the size is spectacular if you read online, text, watch videos, etc. Reader View is very helpful for sites with tiny font.

Security: You can choose to use Touch ID, the fingerprint authentication tech on the Home button, for ordinary use of the phone, purchasing apps, or signing in to third-party apps. It seems to work okay with slightly dry fingers.

Siri: She seems to be understanding me better! The only screwup so far has been "Duck Tour"--girlfriend just could not process, which I guess is understandable. 

Size: My miniature man-hands can operate this one-handed, so it's no biggie (get it? get it???). Also, it fits in pockets! It sticks out a bit, but I welcome that trade-off for the larger screen.

Weight: At 129 grams, it's a tad heavier than its predecessor's 112 grams. It doesn't matter.


TL; DR: The iPhone 6 is a terrific device for people constantly on their phones.

This post brought to you by Carter's baby sleep sacks!

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