Monday, June 17, 2013

Instant Lunch, with Pictures!

Hello, internet friend. Today's post will hopefully inspire you to consider me for the Lazy Genius Award 2013. I need another trophy, you see, for my self-esteem. Not that I have any trophies whatsoever, come to think about it. Which means...I already won the Lazy Genius Award? YES!!!!

The insta-recipe below provides 148% of your mandatory Vitamin A, 60% of your required fiber intake, 20% of the calcium you ought to have in a day, a whole bunch of protein and potassium, some sodium, and, yes, more molybdenum than you strictly need, but your body knows what to do with it, so just eat!

Today's Instant Lunch: Black Bean Taco Salad
(A lazier version of the Vegetarian Nacho Salad)

Step 1: Place chips in bowl (Garden of Eatin' corn tortilla chips, pictured).
Step 2: Chop up preferred greens (romaine lettuce, pictured) and pile on top of chips.

Step 3: Heat up bottled salsa on stovetop. Add chopped fresh tomatoes and one Thai chili, preferably the smallest one on earth. Pour on top of chips and greens.

Step 4: Add shredded cheese on top! Lactose intolerants may have cheddar.

Be sure to scarf all this down as soon as possible, because the chips might get soggy. As a precaution against such an unmitigated disaster, keep a half-full package of chips nearby. The atoms of the dry chips have yet to be diffused into the collection of atoms in the salad, and therefore may be used to scoop up the contents of your lunch bowl.

Or, if you're really classy, use a spoon to eat the salad.

This post is dedicated to Ate Au, who is such a chip fiend that she keeps a stash inside her bedside drawer! How do I know this? Because all your chips are belong to me!!!

In closing, I would like to share my father's reaction to my original post about making this type of veggie taco salad:

"You cook?"

And a Happy Father's Day to you, sir.