Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Company Bake Sale

I like working for Proposals R Us, the development arm of Enhancing Lives, Inc. (Disclaimer: Names changed to protect blogger.) My boss doesn't mind my needy cries for supervision; free sandwiches abound; and the benefits can be pimp if you choose the right combination, like a Happy Meal. Cheerful greetings echo in the kitchen as we elbow each other out of the way in our desperate quest to reach the coffee/tea machine. It's super awesome compared to what I endured while working at BOOBS (the Best Organization Of Boston Society, in case you've forgotten).

Today we're having a bake sale. Proceeds go to our charitable foundation, and the CEO has pledged to match the raised funds. My distaff coworkers rolled up their sleeves and got to baking. In my ruthless campaign against the size of my inbox , I had deleted all invitations to bake for a good cause. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, we had scrumptious, homemade delights such as peanut butter cookies ("Prohibitively expensive!" I complained, at $2.50 for two tiny ones -- truly, I am my parent's spawn); pumpkin cheesecake squares; apple pie; muffins; salted caramel brownies; pumpkin bread; chocolate cookies; and the winner of manliest cake on the table: a vanilla cake with Italian lemon meringue frosting. It won because a man baked it. Oh, and see the muffin-looking things at the bottom left of the photo? Also manly. Diversity!

The point is, I'm trying hard not to scarf down what I bought for me and Husband-elect, who wanted apple pie. However, the whole pie is on sale, so I got him a li'l brownie instead. The brownie came with pretty wrapping paper and a ribbon, unlike my pumpkin cheesecake square. I guess, if I must, I'll eat the cheesecake so it doesn't make a mess in my bag. That's my other story and I'm sticking to it.

Tomorrow in Other Dietary Moments of Note: Husband-elect and I dress up and have lunch at the Downtown Harvard Club's formal dining room! But what if there's no space? Will we eat at the Crimson Pub instead? Oh, the suspense!