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A Drink for Each Elector!

Note the disproportionate number of drinks we needed to down for California. 
Our election night shenanigans occurred in Greentown Labs, a work space for energy entrepreneurs (= nerds). We honored the electoral college by providing a unique drink for each state and having shot glasses that corresponded to the number of electors there. For example, Hawaii had 4 Pina Coladas, California had 55 Cabernet Sauvignons, and Indiana had 11 Indiana Joneses. As the night wore on, we looked thirstily at Ohio, which had 18 Bloody Marys on offer. We attacked near midnight, and boy was it worth the wait! In fact, it easily rivaled the tastiness of my first drink of the night: a White Russian courtesy of Alaska. Props to the drink mixer.

Husband-elect had the time of his life. He wandered around, beer in hand as a chaser, and talked to everyone. At one point, he attempted to wrest control of the microphone from the organizer. He eventually succeeded when said organizer got so hammered that he went off to flirt with his girlfriend; at least, I think they were together. Anyway, Husband-elect seized the mic and made a toast:

"Thanks to [name redacted] for putting this all together! Here's to everyone who works really hard! Here's to everyone who supports start-ups!"

Here, here! We drank to that, and then C and I prowled around to see if there were any leftovers. The burgers, dogs, and chips had been devoured by the civic-minded crowd hours ago, but luckily someone had ordered out and didn't like the refried beans and rice they got. Score! I also gobbled down a hamburger so burnt that it blended right into the black plate. Clearly, this ninja burger had been saving itself for me. No untoward gastric aftereffects so far.

We cheered mightily when CNN announced the winner, laughed at Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's live antics, and then trooped out into the bitter cold. Husband-elect kept saying, "I'm so drunk, I'm so drunk," which I'm pretty sure means he was really drunk. Men are so mysterious.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to detoxify my liver for 2016.

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