Saturday, November 26, 2011


(to the beat of 80's rap)

We ate a bunch of turkey
And the next day we went
To ride up on the ferry
It cost a couple cents.

We got down to Nantucket
And walked around a bit
Something about a bucket
So we sat down to eat.

He had his usual chowder
He thinks it tastes divine
I had bisque something-or-other
I'm sure it tasted fine.

Nantucket is a pretty place
With lots of scenery
And tourist traps in every space
For people just like me!

The day was freakish; yes it was!
The sun beat down like hell
And the fun sights in store for us
Included this golden bell.

We went down to the beach to see
The lighthouse, small and cute
We danced around, we frolicked, and we
Did our photo shoot!

 And lo, the sunset did come down
And the tree got all lit up
We rode the ferry back to town
I tried not to throw up*

*I have motion sickness.

All in all, I have to say
I had some grand ol' times
But next time that I go away
I'll do it with no rhymes.


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