Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kitty Tales

The wall is actually brown. Weird, huh?
Sheba and Oscar are starting to get along. His incidents of hissy fits have diminished dramatically, and his hiss-to-ignore ratio has started to even out. Sheba, like Ghandi before her, has serenely ignored the threats of violence and advocated her position through peaceful means, e.g. cluelessly wandering around. Today I caught Oscar making a swipe at her, but it was probably just for show, since he missed her face by a couple of inches.

This is clearly a case of territorial aggression, which Sheba has previously demonstrated. You wouldn't think the sweet little fur ball had it in her, but a neighborhood cat once followed me into my old apartment, and Sheba hissed with such venom that it scampered back outside. Since this is Oscar's territory, she isn't upset -- he is. But one day, they shall be found curled up against each other. And on that day, there shall be much cooing. And afterwards, a framed photograph.

I'm not a cat lady at all, I swear.