Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Girl Moment

My girl moment occurred early yesterday, when I excitedly texted Boyfriend that we had officially been going out for six months. His response was witty and noncommittal. I suggested we go to dinner. Again, he responded in a very blasé manner. I was devastated. I stomped off to work, fuming at the insensitivity of the male of the species. How could he not know that this was important?

(I assure you, dear reader, six months is important. Why, entire lifetimes of countless insects have gone by in that time!)

I encountered my buddy on gchat and together we decided that I was overreacting. I made reservations at Oleana, left early to vote (rah rah Cambridge City Council rah rah), and called Boyfriend afterwards to remind him to come over soon. "I'm on my way to your place right now," he said, sounding slightly out of breath. I figured he was climbing stairs. A few minutes later, I discovered my door unlocked, and walked in expecting to see my brother, who occasionally stops by to say hi to Sheba and/or to raid my cupboard. But it was Boyfriend!!!! He was going to surprise me with roses. But my ninja skills barely gave him enough time to get into my apartment. My kitty burglar alarm was too sleepy to meow insistently at him, which would have given away his true location instantly.


Conclusion: Oleana is delicious. Also, men? Will surprise you.