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A Visit to Lola and the Hairdresser (Not at the Same Time)

Today is Sunday, so it was time to visit Lola in Quezon City. She very thoughtfully made a little sign for me, and here I am posing beside it. For future reference, this is my "touched" face.

Lola had her little minions prepare a spread for us. We had two plates of lumpia (instantly demolished), veggie soup, pakbet, boiled saba, adobo, and chicken. Dessert was ice cream and the ube cake that Ate Au and I bought at Red Ribbon... because everything tastes better with a red ribbon. Even flip-flops.

Here's a picture of me with my two sisters (flanking me), and my cousins. After eating, these boys busted out the chess board. I ran away in fright (noooo! Anything but STRATEGY!!!!).

Picture of me with Lola, who turns 88 this year. She remembers all our birthdays. I believe she also dropped hints about becoming a great-grandma, but it was directed at my little brother, proud carrier of the family name. As a girl, I don't count. I did offer to find a husband who would take our family name, but lola said that the poor man then wouldn't get his inheritance. Er? Inheritance? Do I get one of those? Please?

*** QUOTE OF THE DAY: "When in Rome, be a Roman. When in Bangladesh, be Indian." ***

It rained SUPER HARD when we were there. We had to shout to have conversations. If I were to employ pathetic fallacy, I would say that God wept with me as I bit into my first ube cake in two years. Yes, in my heart, I cried THAT hard with joy as the flavor of a purple ground root baked into fluffy goodness exploded on my tongue. I heart ube.

I had one more adventure left: a haircut. I hate having long hair, plus I was getting split ends. Here's me now. Ate Au took me to her Korean hairdresser in Festival Mall. The hairdresser is so awesome that she had her own little minion who could vaguely speak Korean. Anyway, I was hoping to look like a Korean pop star, but ended up as a Japanese man. Oh well, close enough.

I ended the evening by watching Transformers and losing 50 IQ points. Megan Fox is boses ipis; I never noticed that before. Fortunately, we went into the theater with super low expectations, so we ended up enjoying it. Well, we didn't enjoy it so much as we didn't find it repulsive/boring/annoying enough that we had to leave. I am now firmly convinced that the U.S. military is fully capable of defending us from alien robot invaders. In the meantime, I suppose we can just keep shooting and bombing each other.

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