Saturday, July 25, 2009

Manila: Day 2

Spent most of the day sleeping to recover from the past month of working from 8 am to 1 am. After I shclepped out of bed for my breakfast of fried pork links, I thought to myself, Ah, what a great country. Rice, meat, and not a vegetable in sight. I then went straight back to bed and only got up at dusk, like a proper vampire.

Here's a picture of Priscilla, the little kitten I adopted (stole from her mother) back in '07. Thanks to Ate Raine's obsessive mothering, she's now enormous and sleek. She's also hostile, I can't imagine why. It surely couldn't have anything to do with being deprived of her true mother at the tender age of two weeks. Anyway, unlike Sheba, she is totally NOT into me, or any human for that matter.

The highlight of the evening was The Tres Marias Hula Hoop Extravaganza. All three of us obibahito bone (Bangla = unmarried sisters) made our very best attempt at mastering this noble art. As you can see from the video below, Shakira we are NOT.

Anyone else notice the cat running away when I started gyrating?

But don't worry; we will persevere! Every day we will hula hoop our little hearts out. I recommend this activity to anyone who's feeling down, because it's impossible to take anything seriously when you're doing your very best impression of that dancing Coke can from the nineties. Also, you're gonna work up a sweat from all the manic wiggling and howling with laughter.

I end this post with a picture of this child I also "adopted" -- no, I kid, I kid, this is Carmen's nine-month-old baby, nicknamed Tikay. Awwwwwwww