Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Junior’s First Modeling Gig!

At nine months old, Junior went to a baby open casting call. The result is that he was now represented by a talent agency, who would connect him with opportunities to put his cuteness to work.

However, the biggest obstacle to his modeling career was me. You see, I am lazy and also afraid to drive, so whenever I got calls from the agency asking if he was available, I would always decline. “It’s a workday!” I would tell myself.

But all that has changed! With Hubby’s full support and encouragement, I finally said yes. I recently took Junior to Rhode Island for a photo shoot with Hasbro. The first step was paperwork in the waiting room. Afterwards, we all went to the main shoot location to put on Junior’s assigned shirt and get his hair fixed. We had a bit of a wait, since another kid was having a session. My job was to make sure the loaned shirt didn’t get dirty before Junior’s turn came. We managed, but it was close.

Below is my artistic rendering of the shoot itself: 
Left: the setup | Right: Junior's work space
The handler is the truly excellent woman who established an instant rapport with Junior and sat very close to him the whole time to prompt him for maximum photo cuteness. She sang his favorite songs (“Wheels on the Bus,” etc.) and wore an apron filled with bribe items. She made Junior “tickle” the product, hold it up and yell “Tadaa!” and basically all sorts of shenanigans so he would play with them as adorably as possible while—and this is the crucial point—the product faced the camera.

Throughout all this, I was in ninja mode; unobtrusive—and glowing with pride as I took in all the praise for my Junior:
“Wow, all the other kids were nonverbal!”
“He’s so happy!”
“I want his energy!”
“That shot is perfect!” 
There was also one exchange in particular that made me beam:
“Should we get [other child model] in here for another session? We only have him for another 15 minutes.”
“Do we need to? We’re getting such great pictures right now.”
That’s right! Why have another child model when mine is perfect? Did I mention that my nickname is Mommy McBragface?

Junior was the last model for the day, and he got a round of applause when we wrapped up, about 45 minutes ahead of schedule. On our way out, the producer gave him a cupcake:

Overall, Junior revealed himself to be a natural. He followed instructions beautifully, like “Stand here” and “Look at the camera!” Plus he shared his opinions about the product. That’s pretty good for a 2.5-year-old!

Will he be as good the next time? Unknown! The main reason his initial outing was so successful was that the product was superhero-related, so Junior was familiar with it and able to get right down to the business of playing. Fingers crossed for next time!

Alas, I wasn’t allowed to take photos, but supposedly the product launches in six months, and I should check various websites to see if any of Junior’s photos passed muster with the marketing department.

Apart from the remuneration ($100+/hr), our reward for this adventure is my newly-recovered ability to drive long-ish distances without being a testicle*

*it is weak and sensitive, unlike a pussy

I used to be able to drive no problem, e.g. I once drove from Boston to Philadelphia, but living in Boston made me very nervous about being behind the wheel. Now that we’re no longer in the city proper, I think I can handle it again. Hurray!

TL;DR: Junior’s first modeling gig went very well! 


This post brought to you by today’s lunch: turkey chili leftovers!

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