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Junior’s First Modeling Gig!

At nine months old, Junior went to a baby open casting call. The result is that he was now represented by a talent agency, who would connect him with opportunities to put his cuteness to work.

However, the biggest obstacle to his modeling career was me. You see, I am lazy and also afraid to drive, so whenever I got calls from the agency asking if he was available, I would always decline. “It’s a workday!” I would tell myself.

But all that has changed! With Hubby’s full support and encouragement, I finally said yes. I recently took Junior to Rhode Island for a photo shoot with Hasbro. The first step was paperwork in the waiting room. Afterwards, we all went to the main shoot location to put on Junior’s assigned shirt and get his hair fixed. We had a bit of a wait, since another kid was having a session. My job was to make sure the loaned shirt didn’t get dirty before Junior’s turn came. We managed, but it was close.

Below is my artistic rendering of the shoot itself: 
The handler is t…

Final Fantasy XV (PS4)

Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) has dazzling strengths that outweigh its stunning flaws, and the best soundtrack, it’s tremendous, believe me. The game takes several cues from successful JRPGs from the past decade and folds them into familiar Final Fantasy elements as well as a new leveling up system. Overall, it’s a terrific adventure.

In FFXV, players control Noctis, Prince of Lucis and the prophesied King of Light, as he leaves the capital city with his three bros to join his fiancée, the Oracle Lunafreya, across the sea. What starts out as a lighthearted road trip, highlighted by Noctis’ anticipation of reuniting with his childhood friend/future bride, becomes a much darker journey as the neighboring Niflheim Empire attacks Noctis’ father and destroys his city.

First, let's deal with the elephant in the room: yes, these boys look ridiculous. Their hairstyles are impractical, for one thing--think of how much time and product go into them!
Implausibly, their motion-capture actors were…

Toddler Sleep Training: Success?

As previously reported, Junior slept poorly as a baby. He would wake up, wail at the top of his lungs, and take a long time to be soothed back to sleep.

His sleep problem persisted as a toddler. He never slept through the night; he would wake up in his room, howl for one of us, and we would have to stay in there with him until he fell back asleep. Some nights, this cycle would repeat itself two or three times.

Hubby was always adamant that Junior sleep in his own room, while I leaned more towards cuddling. However, Junior tended to kick, so I agreed that his being in his room was best for everybody. But how do we resolve his night wakings so we didn't run back and forth every goddamn night, pardon my French?

After much internet research, I found Dr. Craig Canapari’s website. He claimed that Junior suffered from inappropriate sleep onset association, meaning he associated going to sleep with having one of us in the room. Indeed, as part of his bedtime routine, both Hubby and I tak…