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Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Captain America: Civil War is a thoughtful exploration of power, responsibility, vengeance, and friendship. The movie's first act is somber, balanced out by its slightly lighter middle -- and then things get dark for the finale. While Captain America v. Iron Man would have been a more accurate title for the film, at the story's core is Steve Rogers' incorruptible heart and soul, and his steadfast faith in his friends. Also: this movie's soundtrack is outstanding.

Tony Stark does a whole lot to drive the plot of Civil War. Following the Avengers' ultimately catastrophic victory over his creation, Ultron, Stark refuses to contemplate his own penchant for world-ending destruction. But he's clearly very disturbed (see "Someone Help Tony Stark") , and his cry for help takes the form of his support for the Sokovia Accords, a treaty that would give an international body oversight over the Avengers.

Steve Rogers staunchly resists this tide of change: "T…

Toddler Dictionary

As Junior continues his merry, terrifyingly rapid absorption of new words and concepts, it's becoming increasingly apparent that not everything is making it through his expanding cerebral cortex. Let's just say he's still sounding out his words, see below:

This is a BULDABA--
This is EMILY--

He's obsessed with EYBEESHEE--

And here's a HAPILAPA--

Since these are things that we see every day in the city, he gets to practice these words a lot. I'm confident he'll get the right pronunciation eventually, one syllable at a time!


Meanwhile, it's taken quite a bit of mental labor for me to compile this handy guide for his Tagalog:

ALAMAwalang laman (empty)BALABAsa labas (outside)BIKAbisikleta (bicycle)LUK-Alakad (walk)

Fortunately, he can pronounce most words correctly, or at least intelligibly, as long as they're two syllables and under. Hence the problems with Tagalog, which "has a hundred syllables per word," or so hubby opines.

TL;DR: …

Game Review: Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (PS Vita)

Last month, I downloaded Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions to my Vita to continue my life quest of completing games I gave up on as a youngster. Forty hours later, I re-emerged with a profound understanding of why FF Tactics holds a special place in the hearts of gamers, as well as a nearly irresistible urge to replay it. But Assassin's Creed Rogue sings to me from the shelf, so I shall revisit my fondness for FF Tactics in this post.

Briefly: FF Tactics is the story of a young hero who fights the evil hiding behind the politics and warfare surrounding him--evil both human and demonic. Backed by your soldiers, you, the hero, must skirmish across the continent to eventually save the day.

Mainly: FF Tactics is beloved for its gameplay and characters, which more than make up for the lame final boss (as opposed to the main villain, which I maintain is Delita). Totally scientific ratings below, peer-reviewed by me:

Combat/Gameplay: 9/10
FF Tactics uses a turn-based system whereb…