Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

This year, Junior got to wear his costume in the two days leading up to Halloween. (He's not trick-or-treating yet.) Props to Daddy for the excellent costume choice (via amazon).

Top three reactions to Junior's costume:

2) "What is she supposed to be?" (reply: "He is an octopus.")
3) "Is that a calamari?"

Dress rehearsal
*DAY 1*
Day care costume parade
Halloween party
*DAY 2*
After scoring free cookie 
Exhausted octopus

Note: Hubby chose this costume to go with our family theme of Chthulu -- Junior is supposed to be baby Chthulu; his tentacles are meant to migrate to his face when mature.

Proud Chthulu Dad, Li'l Chthulu

TL;DR: My baby is the menace of the deep.

This post brought to you by coffee!

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