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A Review of the Back Bay Chocolate Tour, by a Non-Lover of Chocolate

The Back Bay Chocolate Tour is a two-hour journey to several locations that either specialize in chocolate, or use some sort of special chocolate as an ingredient. The two rules of the tour are:

#1: No chocolate left behind.
#2: Be friendly.

My group had almost 20 people. Here is a summary of our choc-tivities:
Location Choc-tivity Reaction
Flour Bakery Learned history of chocolate chip cookies. Ate chocolate chip cookies. Publicly declared my love for the tour.
L.A. Burdicks Told of marriage between interior decoration and chocolate craftsmanship. Given tiny wrapped white chocolate mouse. Carefully placed mouse in backpack for later. Somehow lost mouse at next stop.
Georgetown Cupcakes Handed insane menu of specialty cupcakes. Had to protect tour guide from tourists/vultures trying to see what was being handed out. Ate two chocolate2 cupcakes.
Ben and Jerry'sLecture about ethical sourcing. Ate brownie fudge ice cream. Easily the best thing I ate on the tour.Froze to death during lecture due to intense a/c.
Teuscher Lined up to eat mini champagne truffles. $30 for 9 tiny balls. No.
Sugar Heaven Ran wild in the shop. Will take Junior there if he is especially good.
Gourmet Boutique Ate a selection of imported chocolates. Brought extras home for Husband. Forgot to give to him.

I mentioned in the title that I'm a non-lover of chocolate. Let me explain in terms of ice cream: I prefer vanilla. So this tour was fun but my mouth would have been happier consuming every single item on the menu of the Roving Lunch Box food truck.

Every. Single. Item. It will happen, I promise.

TL;DR: Ben & Jerry's ice cream RULES.

This post brought to you by Hump Day!

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