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Jumping Ship: My Biannual Job Switch, 2015

According to trend pieces on popular internet sites, Millenials such as myself are supposed to switch careers regularly. Some of those articles delve into the economics behind our forced mobility, others fawn over our clear-eyed search for personal and professional fulfillment, and the grumpy ones call us a generation of lackadaisical bags of tweets and Instagram, harrumph harrumph. 
Whatever the case may be, change is constant, as evidenced by my most recent move away from One-Stop Wellness, Inc., which I joined right after our honeymoon. The reason for the switch can be summarized by a friend's observation: "People quit their bosses, not their jobs." I was so ready for a change that I handed in my resignation without even having a new job lined up. 
As luck would have it, a spot was open over at Healing Peanuts, Inc. (note: real organization names changed because ninja). I'd applied to that company before, and got turned down because I lacked experience with a specif…

The Calm Before the Storm

Baby Achievement Unlocked: Cruising

Definition: Ability to wobble from Point A to Point B using furniture/people for support.

Parental Skill Unlocked: Vigilance/Discernment + 50

Definition: Sharp hearing and ability to discern difference between impact sounds, e.g.:

*thwp* = baby falling on butt

*thwptmp* = baby falling on butt, catching self with arm

*thunk* = baby faceplant on furniture

*thudWAAAHHHHHHH* = baby faceplant on floor, baby very likely needs nap

Well, at least he's not talking yet...


This post brought to you by my new job! (GRIN)