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The Fragrant Husband I Deserve

"I shall vanquish this lobster."
I shan't bore you with the details, dear reader, but let me assure you that it requires the patience of a rock to live with me sometimes, let alone be my legal property, as Fragrant Husband is.

...Or is it the other way around?

In any case, I know I'm exhausting because I'm exhausted being me. The product of a female parental unit whose hobbies include eating and worrying, and a male parental unit whose modus operandi is to agonize over every decision until someone near him starts yelling, I am on a virtual emotional roller coaster ride every other day. True to my bloodline, my hours are spent eating, worrying, agonizing, and planning my next meal. 

Hubby is no dummy. He cottoned on pretty quick that my engine (tummy) needs to be kept in peak performance mode if there is to be any peace. Here are just a few examples of his genius:

1) On our way to New Hampshire, I happened to mention that I was thirsty about five minutes into the drive. He immediately pulled a U-turn and ran into the nearest CVS to buy me water. 

2) On any trip longer than 15 minutes, he will check if I have a snack. If not, he will sternly remind me to always have something to nosh on. I'm sure this strategy will work any day now. 

3) All leftovers are belong to me! His one and only Tagalog word is "baon," because he uses it everyday. 

So anyway, recently I was extra nightmarish: whiny, crabby, and did I mention whiny? I was all

for three months. 

And he was all, "It's okay," like the extra-awesome person that he is. Throughout that terrible time, he remained remarkably calm despite my rolling around, the demands of his job (they're building an airborne wind turbine,, please tell Google or similar to buy them, they are cuter than Makani), and he continues to be a spectacular dad to Fragrant Junior. Hubby can even use his dad-voice (the high-pitched one for babies, not yet the bellowing one for makulit kids) at three in the morning! Then, when Junior wakes up and is ready to party before sunrise, Hubby will go play with him so I can sleep for an extra hour or two. 

Truly his powers are beyond my ken. I think golf and the nerdiest games possible (e.g. Kerbal Space Program) keep him going. 

And this is why, dear reader, I am obnoxiously smug about my successful pursuit of this man when I realized what a catch he was. Mabait at matalino ang asawa ko (my spouse is kind and smart) -- and, as I keep telling him, he's the Fragrant Husband I deserve. 

TL;DR: Back off, he's mine!!!

This post brought to you by too much time spent correcting iPad's autocorrect. 

"C is for caption."

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