Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fil-Am Baby Breakfast

What does a tiny human who sprung from the loins of two cultures consume? How does a little Am-boy (American boy) break his fast? 

With rice and Cheerios, of course!

Indeed, this combination of highly glycemic carbohydrates and, let's face it, donut-shaped cardboard, has been known to provide nutrients, calories, and pincer grip practice. In ancient days, cave husbands and cave wives fed their offspring this very combination to improve the species' chances of survival. 

Or I'm just a weirdo who throws stuff in my baby's bowl for giggles. Yeah, I think that's it. 

I'm pleased to report that Fragrant Junior has impressed The Supreme Judge (that would be Fragrant Mother/ Mamala) with his eating skills. Bonus: his aunt, Fragrant Sister, also praised his hand-eye-mouth coordination! What can I say--he's my son, of course his face-feeding skills are consistently at master level. 

That said...his sleeping still needs work. We started sleep training on Wednesday (we took turns going in every five minutes to soothe him) and on Friday, HE SLEPT FROM 8PM TO 6AM. IT WAS AMAZEBALLS. Then we must have displeased Cthulu, because the next night he went right back to his 12AM and 3AM crying jags. Blergh.

Still, it's all okay when his eyes pop open in the mornings and he beams while staring deeply into my eyes. Then he shoves his little fingers up my nose, because who knows why babies do things. 

The point is, new parents should get a year off from work to bond with their babies and to become human again. Heck, I'll take six months. But since the US is terrible about family policy, I got three months off without pay. Awriiiiiight.

TL;DR: My baby can eat rice and Cheerios with his chubby digits and also my husband and I need sleep. 

This post brought to you by grilled foods! 

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