Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Is How Fast Babies Grow

Week 1: Baby is seven pounds and only slightly bigger than the doggy his dad got him when he turned one day old.

Week 9: Baby is pushing 14 pounds and keeps trying to eat doggy. (He also no longer fits in those pajamas.)

Other parents who see baby keep saying, "I miss that age!"

Yep, two months is pretty special. Fragrant Elephant Junior now has a range of sounds. He has a gurgling "ooOOo" and a loud, high-pitched "AH-ha!" to add to his existing repertoire of grunting like a hungry piglet, mouth-breathing like a serial killer, and "snoring like a happy clam," to quote his father.

Babies are LOUD, y'all.

This post brought to you by tap water. Tap water: safe to drink, depending on where you live!