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A Day with a Seven-Week-Old Baby

Preamble  By six weeks, most babies have calmed down from the feeding and crying frenzy and can fall into a predictable pattern of eating, playing, and sleeping.

12:05 AM  Wake up to baby grunting in bassinet. Fall back asleep.
12:15 AM  Grunting now too loud to ignore. Nurse baby while lying down.
12:25 AM  Burp baby and change his diaper to wake him back up.
12:30 AM  Nurse baby on other side.
12:34 AM  Baby has fallen asleep. Re-swaddle and put back in bassinet.

02:55 AM  Wake up to baby grunting in bassinet. Fall back asleep.
03:15 AM  Wake up from dream of nursing baby. Blearily unswaddle baby for nursing.
03:20 AM  Baby has fallen asleep. Debate waking him up so he can nurse on the other boob. Fall asleep.

04:45 AM  Baby is hungry again!!! Should have nursed on other side an hour ago!!!

06:00 AM  Put UP band in "Awake" mode. The day has begun.

06:05 AM  Pump breast milk for freezing. Hope baby does not wake up and need to nurse.

06:20 AM  Finish pumping. Clean supplies.

06:21 AM  Baby wakes up and wants to nurse. Husband comes to rescue by clamping baby to hairy chest, knocking him out again. I can shower!

08:30 AM  Finish breakfast. Husband leaves for work.

08:31 AM  Nurse baby.

08:50 AM  Load laundry into washing machine.

09:00 AM  Go out for walk in stroller.

Keeping distance because geese are actually violent bastards.

10:00 AM  Return to apartment. Read about event in City Hall around noon. Vow to go and also pick up orange juice.

10:01 AM  Baby wakes up and stares vacantly at nothing wants to play.

11:00 AM  Nurse suddenly fussy baby. Put baby in cradle for nap.


11:30 AM  Hear wet sound from baby's butt area. Change poo-saturated diaper.

***End optional***

12:00 PM  Load laundry into dryer.

12:05 PM  Eat lunch while exchanging coos with baby to foster language development.

12:30 PM  Strap baby into soft carrier and march to City Hall.

12:40 PM  Realize City Hall is not the State House. March some more.

12:50 PM  The event is almost over. Wander back home.


2:15 PM  Nurse baby.

2:45 PM  Attempt to make hot chocolate on stovetop, then promptly forget about boiling pot. Make mess. Research internet for cleaning tips.

4:00 PM  Cleanup finished! Baby has been sleeping the whole time. Lay down and try to sleep while baby sleeps.

4:01 PM  Baby wakes up and wants to play.

4:30 PM   Have baby do tummy time while folding laundry.

5:00 PM  Grumpily start making dinner.

5:30 PM  Husband comes home. Immediately pass baby to him for THANK GOD I AM SO TIRED Daddy Time.

7:00 PM  Finish dinner. Catch up on shows on DVR.

7:30 PM  Husband puts baby to bed. Can now speak in normal, if hushed, tones.

8:30 PM  Get sent to bed after fading during conversation.

9:00 PM  Check in on baby. Feel heart swell with love at cuteness. Look forward to another day with the little guy.

9:05 PM  Remember that will wake up in a few hours to nurse. Pep self up by pretending it is video game and I am on quest to expand his health meter.

9:06 PM  Have brilliant idea of buying Link baby suits for baby. Resolve to ask husband to make little baby sword and cap in the morning. Fall asleep.

9:30 PM  Forgot to buy orange juice!!! ...Fall back asleep.


Rinse and repeat!

This post brought to you by too much coffee and the mid-term elections! Did you vote today?

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