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Savannah, GA: The hot hostess city

Fresh from a brief wedding-related soujourn on Hilton Head Island, SC--lovely spot, by the way, especially if you're an avid golfer, or like being smashed by warm waves on the beach--Fragrant Husband and I hung out in Downtown Savannah before the drive back to the city's li'l airport. According to Wikipedia, Savannah is the oldest city in the state of Georgia, and its port is a Big Deal. It is also quite tiny. Here's a picture of its petite city hall:

Naturally, our main goal was to feed me and little Cthulu. We found free parking at the Visitor's Center (also a good place for a bathroom break) and hopped onto the free shuttle. It's a bus, not a trolly, so the upside to not seeing all the cute squares is not dying of heat. Savannah is hot, y'all. We're talking 102 degrees in the shade. I about passed out walking 200 feet (about a city block), no joke. 

We had lunch at Barracuda Bob's, where I had a patty melt and my meng had Guinness Chicken Wings and a beer flight. I now firmly believe that all burgers should be on Texas toast, because buns are annoying and require esoteric Japanese techniques to consume neatly. 

Thus fortified, we decided to walk back to our rental car. It was imperative that I arm myself with a slushy, milky drink, so we went into a coffee shop that promised smoothies and frappes, which Fragrant Husband assured me was like a milkshake. Since we were in Georgia, which grows delicious, delicious peaches, I opted for the peach smoothie. Fragrant Husband was surprised at my choice, because I'd expressly stated my desire for a milkshake, but he stayed silent, foolishly thinking that my brain had retained the following information: milkshake = frappe, not smoothie. So I was a sad panda when I got handed basically crushed ice with peach flavoring. I honestly thought I would get fresh peaches blended with ice-cold milk. My first world problems, they are overwhelming. 

We had to hop back on the shuttle because it was way too hot to walk any sort of distance. Fragrant Hubby confessed later that the heat made him nauseous, but was too manly to say anything, which is probably why we ladies live longer. Endless complaining: it saves lives!

TL; DR: Eat Georgia peaches and stay in the airconditioning!

This post brought to you by my birthday! :-D

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