Saturday, April 12, 2014

PAX East 2014

Gamers unite!

Spring in Boston brings sunshine (!), warmth (!!), and 70,000 nerds in one spot (!!!). Yes, it's already time for the annual Penny Arcade Expo!

And here is Day 2:

PAX splits the enormous Boston Convention and Exhibit Center essentially in two: PC/video games, and table top games. 

The former attracts more people, which means you can walk around in a bikini top, a microskirt, and flip-flops thanks to all the body heat and, alas, the wanton farting. The smell of the unwashed is much stronger in this area, too, but statistically speaking that is extremely predictable. 

The good part is, the video games area also contains the highest concentration of people who are really into their costumes, see above. 

Meanwhile, the table top area is a bunch of grown men and women using their imaginations (and miniatures or cards) to play games:

We started off with a Star Wars game (my team, the Imperials, won without my firing a shot because I'm a poor combat pilot--the one always facing the wrong way).

Then we tried the Pathfinder card game. I was an Elf Rogue and it was fun because we won.

Now they're playing some sort of mercenaries game while I blog, see photo above. Given Fragrant Husband's frantic calls to retreat, I believe his side is losing.

While there are a number of babies, children, and women, the menfolk still outnumber us, so some women's restrooms have been relabeled as man-bathrooms, causing no end of confusion when men walk in to find (1) a lack of urinals, and (2) a clean bathroom. Just kidding, ladies can be just as filthy. But since PAX thinks of everything, facilities staff basically never leave the bathrooms so they're always in good condition. This ensures a pleasant experience for all! Take note, Six Flags.

Welp, I'm off to see what my grazing options are. It's been ten minutes since my last snack and we are hungry.

One parting shot:

This post brought to you by Flour Bakery. Flour Bakery: sure the line goes out the door, but the egg in your breakfast sandwich is the size of the hen that hatched it, so: worth it!

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