Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Being a DINK

DINKs – Dual Income, No Kids – are targets for luxury items!

Why, yes, I have been perusing the Williams-Sonoma catalog and mulling the purchase of a $300 oven mitt with my initials monogrammed in nanotube-coated spider silk that monitors my pulse while I bake. Look, it’s only $400 to have my entire name on it! I shall get full value by including all of my progenitors’ last names since 1901. I may have to customize my order into oven shoulder mitts…for…let’s see…$699.99! What a steal!

Meanwhile, Fragrant Husband is creating a budget for his future purchase of a chocolate brown (must be exact same shade as Sheba’s fur) Tesla Model S with built-in Hot Air Popper and Scarlett Johansson-approved SodaStream so he can eat healthy popcorn and drink fruity carbonated beverages while suavely zipping through red lights to make it on time to his next client meeting.

Alas, for this purchase I fear we may both have to make sacrifices, such as not having dinner every day at Davio’s or the Four Seasons.

As doge would say, Wow! So luxury! Very decadence!

Check out my awesome lifestyle at!

Just kidding. Don’t. Just be aware that “DINK” is apparently a thing now in the US and I was told about it by a DEWK (Dually Employed With Kids).

Wow. Just wow.

This post brought to you by sunlight in January! omg!

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