Monday, December 30, 2013


This Christmas, Fragrant Husband and I went down to the Fragrant In-Laws' abode in Florida, or, as a Zora Neale Hurston character would call it, Floridy. Here is a map for the geographically-curious:

Original image source:

Prior to my visit, all I knew about Florida was (1) it's shaped like a [CENSORED], (2) it was home to Rudy Eugene, aka the Miami zombie, and (3) it has a reputation for other awful things, like Treyvon Martin's killing and sinkholes that eat houses, boats, and swimming pools.

I'm happy to report that our vacation was relaxing, nay, rejuvenating, with nary to report except fine weather, wondrous sinkhole-free swimming, and food. Too much food, as per tradition. Not quite at Noche Buena levels, but it was pretty close.

We also mini-golfed (the menfolk got real golf out of the way early in the trip) and drove to "the Riviera of Florida," an island on Palm Beach where the affluent wander Worth Avenue, their very own Rodeo Drive, in crisp servant-pressed salmon shorts and starched white button-downs. It smelled of credit cards and bay swamp relocation.

As a result of our lovely trip, we have been vegetarian for two days straight. Tomorrow we break that, because the new year is about putting all the food in your face.

In 2014, I resolve to add more infographics to this blog.


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