Monday, September 17, 2012

Movie Review: Premium Rush (2012)

What's red and black and dead all over? A New York bike messenger with no brakes! Hur hur hur. Ah, Mondays...

Premium Rush brandishes Wilee, a law school graduate who would rather die than wear a suit. He zips around NYC in a steel-frame, single-gear bicycle with no brakes, regularly making split-second decisions to avoid grievous bodily harm as he runs traffic lights to make deliveries. He's the best in the business, which is why Jamie Chung's character chooses him to deliver something important for her. The wrinkle is that a corrupt cop wants what's in the envelope, too. Michael Shannon is in fine form here as an utterly loathsome, barely-in-control psychopath who uses all the resources at his official disposal to stop Wilee and his friends from completing the job. omg!

It's an entertaining film. Anyone who's been to New York understands how nuts the people on the road are, and the bike couriers must be the craziest in the bunch. The stunts are fun to watch, and I hear Joseph Gordon-Levitt needed 31 stitches on his arm after he smashed into a cab. Filming is dangerous, guys!

If you're still not convinced, how's this:

Give it a chance! Think of your poor eyes, starved for the sight of tight, hard bodies!

Obligatory joke, just because it's so easy: Premium Rush delivers!


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