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Things to Do in Philly

Just got back from a short vacation in the nation's first capital. I worked there for a couple of summers but this is my first time staying in Center City. It was awesome, and I offer you this List of Things to Do in Philadelphia:

Visit Museums!
The Franklin Institute is a must for children and nerds. There's a Giant Heart exhibit, Machines in Motion, Space!, and all sorts of interactive displays you can get your paws on. This season's special is the Dead Sea Scrolls, but I'm going to spare you the waiting in line with this magical link to the Digital Dead Sea Scrolls, which uses Google mayitliveforever technology.

Meanwhile, theNational Constitution Centerfeatures tons of super informative multimedia to get you pumped for AMERICA!

Eat, Eat, Eat!
Chatting with my coworkers this morning confirmed that I am not alone in planning activities around food. My travel philosophy is: if I ate good food, the trip was a success. Forget the sights. My stomach has eyes, too!

We fed …

How to Brush a Cat


Watch on YouTube--

Movie Review: Premium Rush (2012)

What's red and black and dead all over? A New York bike messenger with no brakes! Hur hur hur. Ah, Mondays...

Premium Rush brandishes Wilee, a law school graduate who would rather die than wear a suit. He zips around NYC in a steel-frame, single-gear bicycle with no brakes, regularly making split-second decisions to avoid grievous bodily harm as he runs traffic lights to make deliveries. He's the best in the business, which is why Jamie Chung's character chooses him to deliver something important for her. The wrinkle is that a corrupt cop wants what's in the envelope, too. Michael Shannon is in fine form here as an utterly loathsome, barely-in-control psychopath who uses all the resources at his official disposal to stop Wilee and his friends from completing the job. omg!

It's an entertaining film. Anyone who's been to New York understands how nuts the people on the road are, and the bike couriers must be the craziest in the bunch. The stunts are fun to watch, …

Book Review: Just Kids (2010)

Stephen Colbert interviewed Patti Smith and she was so intriguing that I had to read her memoir, which won the 2012 National Book Award for Nonfiction. In Just Kids, the Godmother of Punk tells us about how she moved to New York with no money and barely any clothes. She knew she was an artist, and she wanted to let her talent blossom and be discovered in NYC. By chance, on her first day there she meets Robert Mapplethorpe, future homoerotic photographer extraordinaire. But at this point in time, "they're just kids," as an old man comments. They start out as starving artists, and often have to choose between buying food or art supplies. That eventually changes, but it takes years of hard work and self-discovery, and most importantly, an unbreakable bond between two passionate artists who serve as each other's muse.

Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe shared an absolute belief in their own and the other's art, and they held together despite doubts and fears and co…

Buy Your Loved One a PS Vita

Sony knows my heart. Yes, the PlayStation Vita sounds like a new organic yogurt instead of a spectacular handheld gaming device. Sure, Sony Corp. wants to suck you dry by slapping a $250 price tag on the product itself and then making you buy a starter kit with a 4GB proprietary memory card for $40. It's worth it.

Fiancé bought me the PS Vita as a distraction from The Ring of Power, which I was to receive later in the month. He got me Gravity Rush, which I'd raved about after seeing a demo at a GameStop, and he also persuaded the future parents-in-law to get me Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Both games were so gorgeous that I blazed through them faster than a Harvard grad student goes through a stash of extremely wholesome herbal stress remedies.

At first glance, Gravity Rush has all the essentials: a likable lead, mind-blowing gameplay, and mysterious happenings. The game's central feature is the heroine's ability to control where gravity comes from--so if I choose the sky…

Let's Talk DNC

I was shooting mercenaries on my PS Vita when my mom called me up and breathlessly informed me that she would be staying up to watch Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention. Bill is the reason my mom started watching CNN nonstop in the early nineties. She was enraptured by his dreamy dreaminess, and loved him even through the scandal. Like Hillary, I guess, but without actually having met him.

I trooped to the living room, still glued to my beautiful five-inch OLED multi touch screen, and alternated between more video game heroics and the TV. I half-listened to Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law School grad who got shut out of an all-male panel about contraception coverage, quietly state that Barack Obama is a president who "thinks of his daughters, and not his donors or delegates," to the approving roar of the crowd.

Then Elizabeth Warren came on, and I put down my console to clap. She was earnest, assertive, and powerfully communicated her Middle Cla…

Sheba Turned 12!

To celebrate her latest year alive and purring, Sheba treated herself to an extra two hours of sleep, for a total of 20 hours! Check out her birthday face.

With all that sleep, she naturally didn't get as much food in her, so guess what time she woke me up for feeding? Four o'clock in the morning, of course! I tell ya, this cat is practice for having a baby.

Happy Labor Day!