Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dream Vacation

You need to get out of your daily grind every once in a while, to recharge and relax. Summer is the perfect time to wander off into the woods, especially when they come with fully furnished cabins and you bring more alcohol than you can safely drink. That's what family's for!

FiancĂ© (then Boyfriend) had been priming me for his big family reunion for about a year. As far back as last December, he would remind me to save up vacation time for the week-long trip. Every month included at least one mention of the upcoming vacation. No actual details, mind you--this is a man we're talking about here--so all I knew was that it would be in upstate New York on the last week of July. Would we camp out in the forests? Cheat and stay in charming, rustic little hotels? Guessing is half the fun!

Fortunately, we went to this place. It's a family compound that gets rented out, hurray! There were cabins for every family or couple; two docks; a main house for cooking, dining, boozing, or just hanging out; and, most importantly, a lake and trees as far as the eye can see.

We got this cabin, which also had a baby room (!).

Everyone troops to the main lodge for family time, aka eating and drinking.

Kayaking is one of the many fun activities available!

A canoe is key to good fishing!
I do my Muscle Pose on the diving board.
We were near Lake Placid, home of Olympic training facilities and a mutant alligator, so we stopped by to take silly photos like this one:

Ever try bobsledding in a dress? Doesn't work.

I had the best time. I went swimming (come rain or clouds!), ate excellent food, played board games with kids, and we corrupted introduced a new group of people to Cards Against Humanity.

Now I'm back in my daily grind, ready to take on the worrrrrrld!!!

What day is it?