Thursday, May 31, 2012

29 Life Lessons

Inspired by Thought Catalog contributor Ryan O'Connell's 25 Things I've Learned in My 20s, I also would like to share some lessons from living through my 20's decade, when I saw the invasion of Iraq, the Great Recession, the end of the Sri Lanka civil war, Obama's White House win, the campaign against Muhammad Yunus, the Arab Spring and, appallingly, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Here is my List of Lessons Learned in My 20s, one for every year I've been alive!

1. Your mom is always right. Maybe not now, but definitely in the future.
2. The friends who stick around after you've been a horrible bitch to them are keepers.
3. Never let money get in the way of any relationship. It just isn't worth it.
4. Jealousy is normal but unattractive. Someone will always be better than you. Get over it.
5. The grass is greenest on your side, because it's your side. Self-love, baby.
6. Throw up if you're feeling nauseous. Your body wants you to get rid of whatever it is in there.
7. Pay your bills on time. No buts.
8. Read.
9. Accept your feelings and always remember that you can control how you act.
10. Stand up for yourself when someone tries to invalidate your thoughts, opinions, or emotions.
11. Tell or show your loved ones that you love them. Anything can happen tomorrow.
12. Acknowledge that you may be completely wrong.
13. Resist the temptation to assume the worst.
14. Ask for help if you need it. People will step up, because you stepped up first.
15. Adopt if you want a pet. Your home is better than the shelter.
16. You can never live up to your fantasies. That's why they're fantasies.
17. Treat yourself.
18. See your doctor and dentist regularly.
19. Be polite.
20. Be open-minded. Everyone is different.
21. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water.
22. Lie only when necessary.
23. Explore the internet.
24. Avoid toxic people. You know who they are -- just thinking about them stresses you out.
25. Be silly! Dance in your living room! Sing in your car!
26. Only buy lottery tickets if the pot is over $100 million.
27. Travel.
28. Yoga is boring.
29. Aim for resolution, not escalation, e.g. when someone's being a jerk, be pleasant. Governments of the world, take note! I'm looking at you, China! Have you seen a map? Those islands are ours!

In other news, I think I've started getting better at drawing comics. Hurray!

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