Friday, March 9, 2012

Things that are Wrong

#1: Yesterday's Wind

In hindsight, I should probably not have worn a swirly skirt and my "Best Kisser" underoos, because holy Lord that wind was out to get me. I stepped out with my co-workers for lunch and flashed the entire world as I crossed the bridge. I kid you not, the wind was a howler. Hats were flying through the air, babies were being ripped from their parents' arms, and I swear a cow blew past me.

Hilariously, the City of Boston claims, "Because of its moderate coastal weather systems, Boston is not known to suffer from particularly windy weather." Tell that to the countless umbrellas who have fallen in the fight against the Boston wind. May those brave warriors rest in peace.

#2: The Republican Primaries

JUST PICK ONE ALREADY GEEZ. Here, let me help you decide:

Mitt Romney
Knows a thing or two about the economy
Openly a robot
Rick Santorum
Sincerely conservative
Looks like a potato
Newt Gingrich
Unassailable self-confidence
Looks like a fat potato
Ron Paul
May have to be stapled to his chair

There. Now choose!

#3: The inspiration behind this comic

Happy Friday!