Friday, January 13, 2012

Let's Move! with First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama started the Let's Move! program as a way to combat child obesity in the US. Just to give you an idea, one in three kids in this great nation is a fattie. Not a cute fattie where you go, "Awww, I could just squeeze your chubby cheeks all day!" No, this is the kind of fattie where you learn to your horror that little Bobby is at extremely high risk for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma, although let's face it, everyone and their dog is at risk for asthma thanks to industrialization. But more about my three-step plan to eliminate noxious gases from the atmosphere via osmosis later. This post is about having fun while shaking your booty.

Mrs. O is game! Just check out this video:

Inspired by her example, I have now upgraded my morning routine to a Beyoncé dance. Previously, my SPAMER (SPoradic A.M. Exercise Regimen) consisted of pathetic attempts to follow a four-minute routine from Just Dance 3 via YouTube. Try "Boom Boom Pow," it's a doozy. But she who reaches for the stars lands on the sun and gets burnt to a crisp thereby losing water weight, or so they say, so today I tried to dance like the kids in this video:

The one guy in the group is the best dancer, so I try to model my moves after him. Do I fail spectacularly? Of course! But the point is, it's a fun fun fun way to start the day. Perhaps one day I shall be good enough to perform at the always-competitive family Christmas party at Lola Tita's. Ho ho ho!

Happy Friday!

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