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A New Year Card for You!

Dear [insert name here],

Ho ho ho! It's the end of 2011, and what a year it’s been!  So many wonderful things, so many terrible things, and another kitty in my life, oh my! And it comes with a meng! I hope your year has been as exciting as mine, and I hope this holiday season brings you joy and merriment. Let me share some of the highlights from 2011.

January opened with More of the Same -- same job, same living situation, same gloomy winter. Thankfully, I escaped half of February and March by being tossed into a political battle in Bangladesh. What?! I was so ticked that I wrote a pointed email that netted me a raise when I got back. Bonus!

One drunken afternoon in April, I texted a friend of a friend who I always secretly fancied. He responded enthusiastically. We watched a movie, had brunch, and he even took me to the symphony. Then we went all smoochy-smoochy. He asked to become Boyfriend in May. Magnanimously, I said yes.

Big Sister #1 got married in June! It was beyond spectacular and beautiful. I was the maid of honor. I had to rearrange the bride's veil, pay the vendors at the reception (with Papa as ATM), and try to not look like a fat hamster in my dress. The takeaway: I now have a Big Brother!

Summer/July was all about barbecues. You couldn't walk a block without tripping over a beer bucket. I met Boyfriend's family and they didn't mistake me for a chubby sausage and grill me, thank goodness.

The CEO of BOOBS and his assistant finally went completely insane in August. The company became a swamp pit of depression, disbelief, and outrage. A ray of sunshine came when Little Brother got a job he really liked and moved out to a nearby apartment with a friend.

Sick of all the office drama, I began my new job search in September and launched a "Pray for Me" campaign. It worked and I turned in my notice in October.

I started my shiny new job in November and it's awesome! My boss is nice, my co-workers are great, and the company sticks to its values. Best part: I get paid more for doing less! Hurrah for-profit companies!

My Chinese horoscope predicts unexpected gifts and bonuses for 2012, something to keep in mind, dear readers! Ho ho ho!

Thank you for reading~! Have a wonderful New Year!!!

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