Monday, December 26, 2011


Merry Christmas! ho ho ho
Last night I discovered the joy of Just Dance 3. But first, because I know it's important to you, dear reader, let me run down my Christmas Day meals:

Breakfast: chicken biryani and pinakbet washed down with about a gallon of coffee.

Lunch: Duck (from Tokai restaurant). Mama had Lexus rolls.

Dinner: Holy Lord, let's not talk about that. I will only say that there was Pinoy spaghetti.

We went to a party with Mama's Philly barkada. I like these parties -- the people are hilarious, the food is good, and there's always something fun to do, like karaoke or, like last night, Just Dance 3, a dance game on the XBox Kinect. I danced my little heart out to "Party Rock Anthem," "Pump It," "I'm so Excited," "Price Tag," and who knows what else. Up to four players can go at a time, and our horrible dancing was compounded by the small space. We kept accidentally smacking each other as we energetically pumped our arms and wiggled our hips.

Our hopping around was interrupted by White Elephant, aka Yankee Swap. We brought the lamest gift (a scarf), and it was sadly sitting in the middle of the floor as people shrieked with laughter and grabbed each others' gifts (the blender and the chocolates were pretty popular). Finally, a kind soul (or someone who had no other choice) took our White Elephant offering. And no, I still don't know why it's called White Elephant.

After my sweaty celebration of the birth of Jesus, I am now chilling on the couch with Brother, who is riveted by Big Rich Texas on TV. I have to admit, it's pretty classic. There's a blonde mother-daughter pair who had this eyebrow-raising exchange (paraphrase below):

Daughter: I'm not like you. I need to study.
Mom: In school I never needed to to study because I have photographic memory.
Daughter: Yeah, but you can't remember where you parked the car.
Mom: That's not what photographic memory is.


I'll be back in Boston tonight!

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