Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Me: Computer Mini-Genius

Attention, attention: I HAXX0RED A POWERBOOK G4!!! I is smart!!!

"I was haxx0red and I liked it."

Yes, this is a saga of much irony. You see, a few months ago, I waged battle against our Account Manager for ownership of an abandoned office PowerBook G4. My intentions were noble: I wanted to stick a webcam on it, install Skype, and give it to my mom on her birthday. Hers were dark indeed: she wanted it for her husband. What! you gasp, surely you of the pure heart won this battle! ...Alas, no. I conceded my defeat gracefully, and forgot all about the device.

But Life amuses itself by various means. Today, she (our Account Manager, not Life) came in and asked me to reset the administrator password on the machine. Graciously, I acquiesced and proceeded to haxx0r the living sh*t out of that sucker of a password. And yes, the password clue was a big giant hint, and all I had to do was persist with every single phrase combination I could think of, but the point is I HAXX0RED IT. Like a BOSS. Someone get me a gold medal, I am just that good.

I know my dear readers who are actually IT people are shaking their heads at the pathetic level of my accomplishment, but hey -- baby steps. One day I will haxx0r the world!!!

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