Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Review: The Invisible Man (1897)

Type: Older than dirt science fiction.

The Skinny: English towns are terrorized by the Invisible Man.

The Science: Light refraction. A body that does not absorb or reflect light will be invisible.

The Main Character: The Invisible Man.

The Plot: A curious man arrives in a small English village. Soon after, a rash of thefts occur, turning the villagers against the stranger. He flees and forces a hobo to be his ally, and they go through towns stealing money. The hobo steals the Invisible Man's precious science journals. While hunting for the hobo, the Invisible Man (real name: Griffin) stumbles upon an old school chum, who promptly contacts the police. After a long, involved manhunt, the Invisible Man eventually gets taken down.

The Twist: The Invisible Man is a jerk. He's rude, violent, and by the end, murderous.

The Interpretation: Running the experiment on himself made him go insane.

The Counterargument: He was a jerk even before he did the experiment. He stole money from his dad, driving him to suicide.

The Cool Part: Invisibility = anonymity + irritability = internet trolls, modern variants of the Invisible Man!

Lesson Learned: To find an invisible opponent, sprinkle all paths with salt, then follow the blood trail!

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