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Weekend Lite

I'd intended to rest up this weekend, but fate had other plans. Friday was pretty awesome, actually -- I went to Bittersweet cafe in Gulshan-2 and met a Parisian who railed against gender discrimination in this country when it comes to offering drugs, alcohol, and, er, escorts to foreigners. "Why don't I get those offers just because I'm a woman?" she demanded, as I happily slurped at actual coffee. Good times.

Friday night was another story. I had to revise a proposal and didn't get to bed until around 2 AM, which was when Boston office lunched and stopped calling and e-mailing me. So I woke up the next morning bleary-eyed for my 10 AM massage/general beauty appointment, which went okay (I am no longer a hairy monkey, but massage is better sa 'pinas). Then I tagged along to the home of a nice lady who was donating books to us, and she took us to the American Club.

Now, you might think that being at the American Club is the perfect time to order a nice, juicy burger. No. No. No. This is Bangladesh, which specializes in chicken. So I got me a chicken shawarma, which came with truly excellent yogurt and some garlic-heavy paste into which I dutifully dipped my very slender french fries. The photo will give you an idea of why burgers here aren't good--I believe the patties come frozen and the buns are not special at all. This picture is from Treat, an eatery in Mirpur that has a nice massive flat-screen HDTV. Nice, unless you're eating while watching Zombieland.

For the evening, me and my co-workers (real ones, not SIKROT ones) went to Mainland China, a restaurant where the floor rotates (!). At first, us non-Dhaka-ites were too busy eating and chatting to realize this, until we looked up and noticed the bathroom was in an entirely different location! ZOMG so high tech! Also, this place had a man whose only job as to switch on the lights to the bathroom whenever a guest approached. How boring. Anyway, the food was good.

Annnnd that was the weekend report!

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