Saturday, February 19, 2011

Laundry vs mosquitoes

I despise laundry. I hate lugging the basket all the way to the washing machine, then transferring to the dryer, then lugging it back, and then folding all my clothes. I am also against the act of ironing, unless the act is performed by someone else, on my clothes.

So imagine my utter delight when I saw this neat little pile of ironed and folded clothes! Even my polka dot pajamas got ironed! Ha ha ha!

The great thing about being here in the guest house is that I get someone who will cook, clean, and wash for me. She is also very alert (when she's not watching cricket on TV), and comes over every so often to check if I want milk tea. The answer is usually yes. My meals usually consist of the basics: rice, curried/spicy meat, dahl (lentil soup), and a random non-leafy vegetable, like eggplant. Or is eggplant a fruit? It has seeds, right? Fruits are not veggies because fruits have seeds, right? No se.

The non-great thing about being here is that I don't get a day off ever. Fridays and Saturdays are my nominal days off, but I have to work on Friday because Boston is awake, and the truly dedicated work Saturdays here...including, er, let's call her my local supervisor. I am beat. Also, the mosquitoes absolutely adore me here. They hide in my bed and happily suck my blood when I try to get some sleep.

Oh well, everything's got its good bits and bad bits. At least my bad bits aren't too bad. Yay other person who does my laundry for me!