Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 2: Derp?

Not much to report. I went to the SIKROT location and got to know some of the people who work there, and my fellow interns. Yes, it seems I am the Crisis Intern, which is either awesome if you think about it, or I swear it's not what you think.

Anyway, the office sports a sweet view of the stadium where some ICC cricket world cup matches will take place. I read in the local paper that lots of people were howling mad this past week because they got vouchers from banks, but then couldn't get their tickets at the stadium because the ticket booths closed abruptly and without explanation. So there was a big bunch of people who had vouchers for tickets but couldn't get into the stadium! Eek! Fortunately, I think those were only the practice matches, but sports fans are nuts, in my limited experience. I say limited because I usually avoid sports fans.

I got home via CNG today for Tk100, which is more than what I saw on the meter, but the office peon -- they literally call him "peon" -- who got the ride for me had negotiated the price before I got there. I got home pretty fast (17 minutes!), which is good despite the usual terrors of insane Bangladesh driving -- and seriously, I say this as a confident Manila driver. I also got the chance to practice all my Bangla directional vocabulary: "dani"means right, "bame" is left, "shoja" is go straight, and "thamo" means stop. BAM. Also, "shoma" is mosquito, the evil creatures that somehow get into my bed. Despite the mosquito net. Derp?