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Two Days Later...

Yesterday we ran errands -- I had to get a bunch of bilins (note to self: never say, "I'm going to Manila, do you want anything?") -- and we also had to grab some booze for the evening.

We had lunch at North Park, a chain restaurant known for its delicious noodles. We shared a Century Egg and Seaweed Salad, and I had the Wonton Noodle Soup with Hong Kong Noodles, plus some siomai. My god, I have eaten more pork in the few days I've been here than an entire year in the U.S. If swine were indeed filthy and possessed by demons as some religious texts say, I would be doing an Exorcist impression and projectile vomiting on the cat right about now. Happily, this has yet to occur. Anyway, to top it off, I ate halo-halo, which is a dessert with crushed ice and condensed milk, with native beans, a dollop of ube, and, of all things, corn flakes.

Later on my old high school buddies came and we stayed up drinking and chatting until whatever hour the birds start chirping. It's now 9 pm and I just woke up. No, no, kidding, I woke up at 1 pm and had a productive day. I took my newly cleaned and repaired bicycle around the village! And what a pretty village it is: tree lined, full of birdies, and breezy. You know you're in the lap of luxury when your streets don't have bike lanes; they have bike/golf cart lanes. I had borrowed my sister's iPod Shuffle for the ride, and I clipped it on my shirt so that it looked like I was grabbing my boob every time I changed songs. You know, you gotta give 'em something...

Just came home from watching The Proposal, which was a "meh" movie with some funny bits thrown in, like Sandra Bullock shaking it in the middle of a forest to "Get Low" by Lil Jon. Ha! Ha! Ha! My advice: just get the DVD, or whatever the extralegal equivalent is in your part of the world.

I end this post with a challenge: come up with a caption for the picture below. Mine is: "AAAAH IT'S COMING CLOSER!!!"

You can definitely do better than that.

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