Saturday, June 6, 2009

This Land is Their Land

Just finished reading a book by Barbara Ehrenreich called This Land is Their Land. It's about the economic disparities in the US, in areas like healthcare, higher education, quality of life, etc. It's an easy read because she divides each section into tiny 2-3 page chunks. Her writing is acerbic and hilarious.

I was chuckling throughout the thing, but my favorite parts have to be her mock-ranting about "unemployed" children in America, who have this strange notion that they are entitled to care, and her cry for pet insurance for children (as pet insurance is better in some cases than human health insurance).

I encourage you all to read it. It made me briefly consider staying here in Bangladesh rather than returning to the States.

Next up: The Dignity of a Woman, by Mariko Bando. Sounds promising, as there is a section entitled, "Avoid Getting Fat." We all know chubbiness detracts from your dignity as a woman!!!