Monday, June 15, 2009

Final outfit

Here's my final shalwar kameez. It made me look like a frog. People didn't think it looked good on me -- I could tell by their up-and-down glance and subsequent diplomatic silence. By contrast, today, a bunch of people have told me I look good in my outfit -- the black and white one that Mama said looked like "pamburol." (Our counselor commented, "Mothers do that. They say such things.").

It was decided recently that I am "Miss Pan-Asia," since apparently I could pass for any Asian. Just now one of my colleagues here at the office was telling me that the Bangladeshi staff were hesitating about me because they couldn't figure out whether or not I was Bangladeshi. And then a student told me I look Cambodian. Ha! Ha! Ha! The generic Asian-ness of my Filipino features makes me the ideal ninja super infiltrator agent!!! Hire me now, governments of the world!!! Please find my resume below:

N----- S----- S---- M----

Education: B.A. at Middlebury, M.A. at Harvard, M.R.S. at Miss Kitty Meow Meow's School for Proper Young Women, O.M.G. at Cambridgeside Galeria, M.B.A. at Institute for Super-secret Ninja Assassins (expected 2012)

Work Experience: Multimedia Assistant at Middlebury College, Development Intern at AUWSF, Part-time worker at The Street Corner (evening shift), Minion at AUWSF, Minion at AUW, Ninja Apprentice (Special Class) with Miss Nori at Miss Nori's Ninja Academy

Interests: Cats, world domination

Hobbies: TBD

References: Available upon request