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Junior Update: the Helper Toddler

Sometime in the last month, something in Junior's brain hit the accelerator. My little peanut, who at age one could only scream incoherently with excitement, hunger, or thirst, and whose only word for the last two months was "More!", has now mastered numerous words in English and Tagalog, including:

eyes/matanose/ilongbelly/tiyanbuhok (hair)paa (feet)kamay (hands)ngipin (teeth)bubblewaffleapplepastaisda (fish)doggietruckbusbirdbisikleta (bicycle)dahon (leaf)puno (tree)airplaneunan (pillow)shoesmedyas/socksdown/baba cetera.

And he goes "Uh-oh!" or "Hala!" whenever he drops something, which is often.

Apart from his impressive linguistic growth, he is now capable of frankly terrifying feats, including clambering up on our bar stools and scaling the living room table so he can dance from an elevated stage. I think we've successfully discouraged tabletop climbing and dancing, but have allowed him to sit at the counter like a big boy:

Since he h…

Game Review: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS3)

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is an absorbing romp through the gorgeous seas and islands of the 18th-century Caribbean. Players take on the role of Edward Kenway, a slightly less buff Chris Hemsworth, a privateer-turned-pirate with a mighty thirst for riches and reputation. The McGuffin this time around is the Observatory, a hidden place housing a global surveillance technology. As Kenway swashbuckles his way toward his prize, the action, music, dialogue, and gameplay seamlessly combine into a truly immersive action/adventure experience.

While the usual elements are there -- climbing, sword fighting, guns, blow darts, smoke bombs, etc. -- there are three new additions that spike up gaming enjoyment levels, namely: sailing and sea combat, deep sea diving, and the clever meta.

Here's a scored summary of the game's many excellent features:

Combat: 9/10
Kenway can fight with two swords, shoot enemies in quick succession with up to four pistols, put targets to sleep or make t…


If you're looking for a challenging indoor activity, Trapeze School New York offers classes in launching oneself into the air whilst holding on to a bar for dear life. The staff members are most excellent and the safety equipment perfectly fine, so you can release your fears and SOAR!

Activity: Trapeze class
Length: 2 hours
Instructors: 3

The class accommodates various levels of experience. First-time fliers get:
A safety harness strapped so tight you can barely breathe A safety lecture ("Obey the instructor" and "Land on your back or butt, not your feet")Instructions on how to swing your legs up over the bar, how to let go, and the proper form for "catch hands" -- four fingers together, thumbs apart And you're up the ladder and off the ledge! Because doing is learning!

On the ledge, you get clicked into lines that are connected to a bar that the "lines" staff will move back and forth over the net, helping you swing. That person will yell …

Movie Review: Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool is a riot. It’s a raunchy, ultraviolent ride that sticks a middle finger to earnest heroes, remorseless villains, and the studio that made it. It gleefully tops the self-awareness of Guardians of the Galaxy, including the old-school soundtrack, and it’s the bloodiest Marvel movie so far. The best part is the casting: Ryan Reynolds finally plays the role he was born for, and Morena Baccarin is the Marvel Helen of Troy: the face that launched a thousand bullets.

Deadpool is the origin story of Wade Wilson, aka the Merc-with-a-Mouth. Basically, he gets terminal cancer and the “cure” mutates him into Wolverine, sans the metal skeleton and claws. (There’s a bunch of explicit Wolverine/Hugh Jackman references played for laughs, of course.) The movie follows his quest to undo his concurrent uglification so “[he] can get back together with his superhot girlfriend.” He’s not out to save the world; he’ just trying to regain his good looks. Also, revenge.

Just like in the comics, Movie D…