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The Strange Case of Baby Jekyll and Baby Hyde

During the day, Little Fragrant Junior is the perfect baby: plump, pleasant, and affectionate. He can melt hearts with his coos and squeaks. He brings joy with his excited flailings. Watching him gum a melon can entertain a grandma for minutes on end.

But his wide toothless grin and sparkling eyes hide a dark truth: at night, he transforms into a hot mess. He just. Cannot. Sleep. Without. Melting. Down.

The science: baby sleep cycles are shorter than ours. They go through active sleep and deep sleep at regular-ish intervals. When they transition from one phase to another, they briefly wake up. The good sleepers fall back asleep.

However: After waking, Fragrant Junior will scream bloody murder and keep going despite being held, cuddled, rocked, sang to, or walked around in a covered stroller. He'll spit out his pacifier. Even nursing will only quiet him down for five minutes. Nothing works. He'll just wail and wail until he gets too exhausted to keep it up, at which point he&#…

Game Review: Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune came out in 2007 and is a strong start to the series. It's full of impossible physical feats, dead-easy puzzle solving, snappy banter, and lots and lots of bad guys and bullets. It introduces gamers to Nathan Drake, a bro / Indiana Jones hybrid who plunges into certain-death situations in his search for treasure.

It's clear from having played the series in disorder (I played 2011's Golden Abyss first -- review here) that the developers learned the right lessons as they moved forward. Drake's Fortune is light and diverting, but there are gunfights that are just plain ridiculous with the amount of bad guys and bullets flying from every direction. It took me a while to get the hang of aiming and shooting quickly and accurately (with some backseat shooting from the ever-trying-to-be-helpful Fragrant Husband -- "Here, honey, use this post-it on the screen to aim!" uuurrrgh), but I eventually got pretty good. Subsequent games are much…