Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sickus Interruptus

Had to go home today due to being thrown out of office for violent sneezing during staff meeting. Back at the apartment, had conversation about, shall we say, differing standards of professionalism across cultures. I myself have been yelled at for being unprofessional, so now I know what unprofessionalism is! It's ME! Excellent.

As I told my dear eldest sister, whose goal was to be Housewife and is now an Operations Head: "Gusto ko lang maging housewife..."

In other exciting news: the apartment building now has a cat, adopted by the resident 9-year-old upstairs. It came in a sack this morning (the cat, not the child). It looks to be 6 months old -- an adolescent male Bengal housecat. (I have no idea what a Bengal housecat looks like, but here is my reasoning: we are near the Bay of Bengal > it is a cat > it is in the house > therefore it is a Bengal housecat.) I have been tasked with "taming" it, although I have gotten rusty with Sheba "Furry Limp Noodle" Santa Maria as my only challenge at home. I probably won't survive trying to cut the nails of this one. Pictures to follow when it stops cowering under the bed.

Now I must get back to my salabat, which is really just giant pieces of chopped-up ginger, and hot water. Hopefully will get better soon.