Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sea World

I may be incapacitated from unintended bacteria ingestion by the time I publish this post.

Today was all about confusion. The morning began with Z running around "polling" people about whether they wanted to go to New Market or to Sea World, and somehow ended up with almost everyone agreeing on Sea World (I had said "New Sea World" as a joke, and she put me down for Sea World. Clearly, an unbiased poll.).

M and I decided to have pedicures at Alvira's in the meantime. Excellent service, and I got a 10% discount for my combination pedicure and foot massage! This is because I am a member of this most wonderful beauty salon. Alvira (or her manager, whatever, the top lady who's always on the phone) gave me a big hug when she saw me. I shall come more often, especially since they also serve delicious coffee.

We got back and waited for A to come down. Funny thing -- I kept trying to call her and got a busy signal, when the whole time she was talking to S, who was right beside me. Ha! Ha! Anyway, off we went, with 2 adults and 2 kiddies.

More confusion when we got there. The big sign said "Foy's Lake." We said, "No, we want Sea World." Driver Nur said, "Inside." So we went inside (Tk350 entrance fee), and tried to decipher the map of the theme park, written completely in Bangla. Little F understood the diagram faster than we did, and led us up the hill and to the boating area. The boat ride to Sea World, on a hand-cranked tub that I will generously call "rusty death-bucket," took about 10 minutes, and on the way we saw various wildlife, such as a cow, some goats, and a baboon. There were also people doing their laundry.

Z was all set to hurl herself into the pool as soon as we spotted it, but the guy on watch gestured us toward the dressing room. Out of necessity, I had to wear a mommy swimsuit, but that was okay because I have a mommy figure. For good measure, I also put on a tank top on top of my bathing top. Anyway, we got some inner tubes and were herded into the "wave pool," where semi-huge waves crashed into us and there was even some House music! But then it rained and they had to shut the whole thing down because electrocuted swimmers do not look good on the brochure.

Other people were then directed towards this little gazebo where they got a shower and more techno music. As most of the people there were fairly young (teenagers up to my age), they went nuts and happily danced. Meanwhile, our group was led to the slides.

Let me tell you about these slides. They're good slides, proper for a resort, plastic and with running water. Now let me tell you about the "water" that waits for you after you hurtle at speed down the slides. First, the water is green. Second, it's about two feet high. I only went down a couple of slides before I became a wimp and decided that, in fact, I did not want a leg or spine injury today.

But the best slide was the one which had two steep inclines, and DID NOT END IN WATER. This slide ended in a LONG RUG laid down on a slightly upturned platform, where a man awaited, cross-legged. Presumably he would catch you, or give you first aid. (Or your last rites.) But in fact, I did not die, and had a great time at that slide! I only went once, though.

Anyway, my main reason for going to Sea World was to do some laps, since the treadmill upstairs is broken (booooo). So after the rug-slide, I went back to the now-deserted wave pool, bounced to the chest-deep part, and did some strokes to get to the other side. I attracted several male watchers. I assume this is because I was wearing actual swimming clothing, as opposed to all the other women, who were swimming in their shalwar kameez. There really is no end to the uses for these outfits. I bet they'd go into space wearing them, too...

Anyway, now I am home and scrubbed clean of the various organisms that call the Sea World swimming water their home. Will I be in top form tomorrow? We shall see...