Monday, June 29, 2009

New Room

I've just done an emergency evacuation of my former digs, out of a desire to not impose my presence on other people. Now I have my own space! My new little room comes equipped with a four-poster twin bed with a mosquito net and hot red sheets, and... that's it. Nothing else. I can has dresser? Perhaps a bedside table?

Currently living out of my suitcase. Roughing it! Ha! Ha! Ha! Darn, I think I lost my ID card while moving... how will they identify my carcass when it floats along the muddy waters of the street?

Oh yeah -- monsoon season has finally begun, and we get huge erratic downpours. I shared R's inaugural rickshaw ride after lunch today. The rickshaws just hang a sack over the seating area to protect their passengers from the rain. It works! Very impressed.

Argh, my bathroom light just blew out. Now must learn new Ninja Skill: showering in complete darkness. Results of attempts to be posted tomorrow.